// missfits fest – presented by collective blue x in bold company

february 10, 2019


Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019

Venue: Native Hostels

missfits fest is a one day festival celebrating Asian-American women in entrepreneurship and the arts produced by collective blue and in bold company.

Our goal is to bring visibility to self-identifying female Asian-American entrepreneurs and creatives and provide them with an opportunity to share and profit from their work while building community.

During the day, we’ll have a market of female Asian-American and Pacific Islander makers, a pop up gallery of curated artists, an interactive storytelling booth, cultural dance performance., and speaker panels on:

  • How to tell your parents you’re not an engineer, doctor, or lawyer: pursuing a creative career

  • FOB (fresh off the breakdown): mental health in the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community

  • Memoirs of a Gaysian: sexuality and gender identity

  • To all the Asians I haven’t seen in movies: media representation

At night, we’ll have standup comedy and music along with an outdoor night market of local food vendors. We’ll round out the night with dancing with tunes from our favorite Asian-American female DJs.  

Join us in celebrating Asian-American women and their multidimensional identities.

All are welcomed.  

Full lineup and tickets coming soon.


1) why are you doing this?

collective blue’s mission is to create a homebase for diverse creators (digitally and in real life) and in bold company’s mission is to explore the truths of women of color.

While doing this work, we, as founders, have been walking our own journeys of defining what “home” means to us given our experiences as immigrant and first-gen Asian-American women. To us, where we belong lies somewhere between the best parts of American culture and our respective Asian cultures. Our “home” is ever shifting and at times contradictory, but we try our best to navigate with the tools we’ve been given.

As Asian-American women, we’re generally stereotyped as submissive, exotic, and better-suited for less creative work. We want to transcend these assumptions and honor self-identifying Asian-American women and their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit through a day long festival.

2) how do you demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and cultural equity?

Our goal is to be hyper intentional about inclusion through:  

  • featuring female Asian-American creators – visual artists, makers, comedians, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc. –  in our programming and providing them with an opportunity to be paid for their work

  • emphasizing visual representation of self-identifying Asian-American women of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds (Southeast Asian, East Asian, and South Asian) in our marketing and promotional material

  • employing Asian-American women as the event production team in order to authentically curate the experience of the festival

  • featuring panel speakers that are self-identifying Asian-American women of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds

  • promoting economic accessibility for university students through discounted / sponsored tickets

  • collaborating with other Asian-American organizations

3) how do I get involved?

as a collaborator…

please email us at team@collectiveblue.co and let us know what ideas you have!

Live graffiti? Interactive exhibit? Film screening? Want to table? Let us know! If we’re a good fit, we’ll try our best to incorporate you into our programming.

as a volunteer…

please email us at team@collectiveblue.co and let us know which of the following tasks you’d like to help out with.

  • General day-of-event assistance

  • Marketing and promotions (What skill sets do you have? Graphic design, email marketing, social media, photography, etc.)

  • Sponsorship and partnership outreach (What experience do you have?)

  • Other: ___

(We’d love to show our appreciation through a free ticket for you and a friend!)

as sponsor or partner…

please email us at team@collectiveblue.co and let us know what your goal is for wanting to get involved – supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, general brand building and marketing, etc. – and any ideas you may already have.

We’d love to better understand your perspective in order to propose a meaningful partnership if we’re the right fit.


supported by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division