first birthday, last thoughts – a recap of 2017

After graduating from college, it was hard for us to have a clear idea of what the next year or even the next six months would look like for us. School provided a predictable structure and without it, the freefall of possibilities got overwhelming at times. The months after graduating forced us to define for ourselves what growth  and success looked like outside of arbitrary standards like grades. What matters to us now? How do we continue to deliver great work in a meaningful way? What makes us happy?

collective blue was our answer.

2017 has been a roller coaster for us. We produced 5 events and spotlighted members from the creative community each month on Blue Ink, our blog. We went from a team of five to a team of three to a team of two. (Shoutout to the OGs, Carlton Wilcoxson, Javi Gonzalez, and Vickie O’Dell. We’re excited that they’re working on their own projects now and that we get to continue growing together – just in a different way.) We learned so much this past year – from our community, from our successes, and from our failures, too.  Through it all, one thing remained steadfast: our mission and why we do what we do. collective blue has always been about uplifting diverse creators.

(Speaking of 2017 milestones, check out the recap video for our one year birthday bash below!)

We’ve loved sharing the stories of our community and y’all inspired us to open up more about our own stories. To close out the year, we decided to interviewed each other about our proudest moments, our toughest challenges, and what excites about the future.

We out here y’all. Thanks for an unforgettable 2017.