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javier gonzalez/collective blue

javier gonzalez/collective blue

Capital Factory buzzes with activity on a Saturday morning. It’s the second day of 3 Day Startup’s fall program and there’s a slightly chaotic energy in the building. Amidst all the movement is Mubariz Hayat, fondly referred to as Moby, smiling and cracking jokes and very evidently in his element. He gives us a tour of Capital Factory and takes extra care to point out the keg of cold brew in the kitchen. We both fill a cup for ourselves, joking about our complete dependence on caffeine to function.

Moby has a lot on his plate. In October he started a new podcast that features local influencers and discusses creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurship in Austin. When he’s not recording his podcast, he’s busy mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs through 3 Day Startup and putting in work at his day job at Dell. It takes an impressive amount of self-control to maintain such a full schedule. Moby does it all with a jovial attitude and an endless string of one-liners.

javier gonzalez/collective blue

javier gonzalez/collective blue

“I like it when I’m creating. It makes me feel useful as a person. It makes me feel good. I can stay up until 3am working on something. The idea of a podcast was great because I started to believe that content is king. Social media IS word of mouth. This is how we communicate now. I wanted to slowly understand how to build content, how to get people’s attention, and really add value. I wanted to bring all of that together and have a side, passion project that I could help people with.”

No wonder there’s a keg of cold brew in the kitchen. Despite our jokes about relying on caffeine, Moby evidently has found projects that are worth losing a little sleep over.


“Do whatever makes you happy, but have balance,” Moby advises. “I realize that if i’m going out tonight I’m missing out on a chance to work on my podcast, or my blog, or my business. And it’s gonna cost me. You have to make that choice every day. What you work on today is going to affect your life.”

A few years ago, Moby made the choice to leave his home country of Pakistan to forge his own path.

“All my life I was told I was gonna be a doctor. Three months before the MCAT I said, ‘Oh my god I hate this. I cannot do this.’ So I spent about six months just figuring it out. And my mom told me, ‘Apply to the US. Go. We’ll support you.” And so I applied, wrote my essays, and six months later, I was here.”

i’m super grateful to be here. i came to the US as a fucking accident.
— mubariz hayat

Moby's decision to move to the US himself put his attitude and work ethic in perspective. To diverge from a tried and true path to take a chance on something uncharted in a different country takes a lot of belief and discipline. Fortunately for him, these two attributes often lead to getting things done.

“This month was freaking awesome,” Moby elaborates. “I launched the podcast. Got into the Master’s program I wanted to. I moved to a new place, exactly where I wanted, and I could not handle it. It was too much! So many great things. And then I was sitting there like, 'Okay, now what?'"

Keep up with Moby's next ventures on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, find out more about 3DS and Austin Fire Show

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