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Adrian Tavares has an effortlessly amiable air about him. He’s an attentive conversationalist, and always seems to be either smiling or considering something you said. His humility and the ease of being around him can downplay his accomplishments and discipline.

Adrian is the Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Prism, a SaaS startup that helps venues and talent buyers seamlessly manage their shows. Fresh off of a SXSW collaboration with Empire Garage and Control Room, Adrian and the Prism team are eager to build on their momentum and pursue their passions within the intersection of tech and music.

Behind the curtain of every startup are challenges, wins, and hiccups. Early on, Adrian knew that he was with the right team, but finding the right product and business model took a lot longer.

“[Prism] is five years in the making,” explains Adrian. “But the first three and a half years were very different. We were working on two or three different ideas, but once we started working on our current product we committed 100% of our energy into it to see where it could go.”

Through it all, Adrian has dug deep, reminded himself of his purpose, and pushed through. His experiences as a programmer and entrepreneur inspired this month’s theme, “resilience.”

[Prism] is five years in the making.
— Adrian Tavares
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nina ho//collective blue

Adrian’s passions have carried him through the unpredictable swings of the startup world. He has pushed himself to get through the uncomfortable process of trial and error not only as a stakeholder in his company, but also as an individual.

“In the early days, one challenge I had was finding my place within the team and playing into my strengths,” admits Adrian. “Eventually it came down to finding the right balance between being vocal or confident in areas of my domain and trusting my team within their roles.”

Adrian’s easy-going personally doesn’t naturally lend itself to confrontation. Conflict is inevitable, however, when you are in a team of capable people that are just as passionate as you. Though it was an uncomfortable process, a resilient mindset pushed Adrian past his discomfort and into the leader that his team needed him to be.

“The most gratifying thing is that I've been able to combine all my favorite things into a job that I do every day,” Adrian reveals. “Since high school I've been passionate about music, design and interface, programming, and business and entrepreneurship. Prism is an outlet for me to do literally all of those things every day. I feel super lucky about that.”

I have the confidence and belief that we are providing something real and that we can continue doing that.
— Adrian Tavares

For those with their own monumental tasks ahead of them, Adrian advises, “Keep doing something on your own, even if it’s just producing one small event or one small project. Stepping stones start the process of learning and finding areas and skills that you want to continue and develop.”

Through the five years it’s taken to get Prism this far, Adrian’s commitment to following his purpose and making it work have remained constant. To show for it, he has a job that he loves, that constantly challenges him, and that sustains him. Keep up with Adrian and his latest projects through Instagram!

nina ho//collective blue

nina ho//collective blue