We give creators the opportunity to collaborate in a supportive community, see their work actualized in the world, and get paid for it. We always give people mad creds for any and all collaboration, and we’re transparent about how we do business


Nina Ho | ceo & creative director

Originally from Houston, Nina earned dual degrees from The University of Texas at Austin in advertising and French with a minor in Portuguese. collective blue is a culmination of her confidence as a creator and doer. When Nina’s not working in tech, she can be found advocating for inclusion, diversity, and Beyoncé.

nina@collectiveblue.co | IG: @ninaqho | Twitter: @ninaqho


Regine Malibiran | community manager

Regine likes talking to people so much she does it for a living. Her greatest life accomplishments include earning degrees in English and Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin, raising a five week-old kitten to adulthood (can’t say the same for succulents), and seeing Beyoncé and Rihanna in the same week.

regine@collectiveblue.co | IG: @aristocraft 


Carlton Wilcoxson | strategist

Still looking for the truth in all things.  

carlton@collectiveblue.co | IG: Mrwilcoxson | Twitter: @ccwilcoxson


Javi Gonzalez | photographer

Javier Gonzalez was born in Mexico and raised in the States. His interest in photography led him to receive a BFA from Texas State University and start an active Instagram community in Austin known as IGAustinTexas.

javi@collectiveblue.co | IG: javi_glz | Twitter: javiglz_photo


Victoria O’Dell | director of design

Through design and advocacy, Victoria aims to make spaces diverse, inclusive, and empowering. She’s worked to facilitating change through community collaboration with organizations such as Feminists United at Texas State and Open Austin. Always looking to connect and collaborate, you can find her all over the internet.

vickie@collectiveblue.co | IG: victoria_odell | Twitter: victoria_odell