collective blue is an Austin-based lifestyle brand that celebrates diverse creators through digital storytelling and event production. 

Our goal is to create a space for diverse entrepreneurs and creatives who value community and being unapologetically themselves to come together and support each other’s successes.

By telling the stories of diverse creators and producing events where these individuals and their ideas can collide, we hope to make Austin’s creative community more inclusive, collaborative, and meaningful.


photo by moyo oyelola

photo by moyo oyelola


nina ho

ceo + creative director

Born in Vietnam and raised in Houston, Nina believes creative work is a privilege that should be accessible to all. She’s passionate about promoting diversity in entrepreneurship, technology, and the arts. Nina earned dual degrees from The University of Texas at Austin in Advertising and French with a minor in Portuguese. collective blue is a culmination of her confidence as a creator and doer. When Nina’s not working in tech, she can be found advocating for inclusion, diversity, and Beyoncé.

email: | Instagram: @ninaqho | Twitter: @ninaqho

photo by moyo oyelola

photo by moyo oyelola

regine malibiran

co-founder + community manager

Regine likes talking to people so much she does it for a living. Her greatest life accomplishments include earning degrees in English and Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin, raising a five week-old kitten to adulthood (can’t say the same for succulents), and seeing Beyoncé and Rihanna in the same week.

email: | Instagram: @aristocraft

how did collective blue get started?

collective blue was started in October of 2016. The idea came about when we (Nina and Regine), both immigrant women of color, realized that there was no home base in Austin for diverse creators to get their work out in the world, make the right friends, and help each other succeed. We wanted to build a tribe of creators who shared our values of being community-oriented and unapologetically themselves in a way that was impactful, profitable, and leveraged our creative strengths.

collective blue would not be where it is today without the original OG team including Carlton Wilcoxson, Javi Gonzalez, and Vickie O’Dell.  

photo by javi gonzalez

photo by javi gonzalez